Privacy Grass Garden Fence , Decorative Grass Chain Link Fence

Privacy Garden Fence is a security chain link fence which offers grass feeling with PVC needles integrated into twisted galvanised wire. It is more decorative and offers privacy to its surroundings

Decorational Grass Chain Link fence

PVC needles are 3 coloured. Grass is made of PVC needles which are UV protected . They are 0,08mm thickness . They are integrated into 2 pieces of galvanized wire. Galvanized wires are 1,25-1,50mm .

Easy to install , no special tools needed , Plastic clips can be used to tie the fence grass to the frames

Sold in rolls of 10 meter

Roll heights 100-120-150-200

Roll length 10 meter

20" container can load upto 1500m2

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Grass Chain link Fence Video

Easy to install with plastic clips

Easy Installation

Comes in easy to carry rolls of 10 meters

Various heights 100-120-150-200 cm

Grass Chain Link Fence is made of two twisted galvanized wire with grass pvc needles attached to them

Decorational Grass Chain Link Fence | Grass Garden Fence

Grass Chain Link Fence is a revolutionary Garden and Security item that combines the good looks of grass and the security of Chain link fences.

The grass is made of UV protected PVC which covers the wire that forms the chain link fence.

The wires are galvanised steel and resistant to outside weather conditions

It comes in rolls of 10 meter

The height of the rolls are 100-120-150-200cm

The installation is extremely easy and can be mounted on walls or present fences.

Wires are made of galvanised steel .

The ordinary chain link offers security but other side can be seen through . Grass chain link fence offers more privacy with the strong security properties of chain link fencing . It is decorative compared to traditional chain link fences .

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Privacy Grass Garden Fence PDF brochure , click to download

Privacy Decorative Chain Link Fence Video

Grass Chain Link fence is a revolutionary garden fence which combines the security features of  a chain fence with the green colour of grass .

Easy installation

Security and decorative at the same time

UV protection for extra usage time Galvanised wires for chain link fence


çimçit dekoratif duvar çimi

Grass Chain Link fence

Rolls 10 meter

Height 100-120-150-200 cm

Colour: Grass Green

Brand name: Group Enerji

Condition: New

International Sales : +905426948874 email:
Grass Chain Link Fence rolls 10 meter - Height 100-120-150-200 cm

Privacy Decorative Chain link Fence

Sold in rolls of 10 meter

Length = 10 meter

Grass Chain link Fence Roll Hegiht = 100-120-150-200 cm
Easy to install

UV protected pvc grass needles offers protection against the sun

Grass Fence 10m2 Roll Price

10m2 Roll
  • Length 10 metre
    Height 100cm
  • 100x1000 cm
  • Wire spacing 50x50mm

Grass Fence 12m2 Roll Price

12 m2 Roll
  • Length 10 meter
  • height 120cm
  • 120x1000 cm
  • Wire spacing 50x50mm

Grass Fence 15m2 Roll Price

15 m2 Roll
  • Length 10 metre
  • Height 150cm
  • 150x1000 cm
  • Wire spacing 50x50mm

Grass Fence 20m2 Roll Price

20 m2 Roll
  • Length 10 metre
  • Height 200 cm
  • 200x1000 cm
  • Wire spacing 50x50mm

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